Instructor Course
Expires After: Does not Expire

Hi and welcome to your first training session!

This mini-course has been created to step you through the course platform and show you what you need to know (and does it the same way your students will as a first hand glimpse).

In the coming modules we will be looking at:

Instructor Dashboard – how to navigate your homepage

Courses – how to access the courses and see what the students see

Groups – how to access groups you have been assigned

Users – enrolled user information and message capabilities

Group Leaders – anyone that co-manages your group

Reports – student progress and how to understand the results

Essays – how to manage and mark assessments as they are completed.

So let’s dive in.

DEMO – CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations´┐╝
Expires After: Does not Expire

Welcome to CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations.  To ensure full compliance, each lesson will need to be completed in order to access the next and lessons will be released on a regular basis.

Please read your user guide prior to undertaking your course to ensure you understand how to navigate it.

Any questions should be referred to your RTO.